Thursday, August 7, 2014

Jude Law: The Gentleman

This is magnifique! First, the blue of the Caribbean, then the darkness of an alley ... and Jude Law playing the piano in a beautiful suit dancing! Oh yes, I have a story about Johnnie Walker Blue. Every year I invite family and friends over for a holiday party. I like to make everyone feel to home. As my sister was either dating or newly married to her man, I wanted to know what he drank so that I could stock it. He told me one Sunday dinner that he preferred Johnnie Walker Blue. Great! I'll pick some up for you. Aha! When I went to the liquor store, I found every imaginable color of Johnny Walker, but no Blue. And so I found a clerk to ask: where's the Johnnie Walker Blue? And he led me to a cabinet. A locked cabinet.

Needless to say, my brother-in-law got the Black 'cause there wasn't anything blue about that price sticker. It was all ... gold. I wonder what Jude drinks? I may just have to unlock that cabinet if he came a calling.