Monday, August 5, 2019

YSL's Call Me By Your Name

Harper's Bazaar March 2019
Nearly out of my system, my love comes back to me. Here, on the pages of a magazine is  an YSL handbag, this statue brings me to mind of the beautiful statuary that was the life's work of Elio's father in the novel and film "Call Me By Your Name." I wonder if this one, in particular, was pulled from the bottom of a lovely, summery Mediterranean sea. I hope that it was. And that it spent a restful retreat from the perils of the world; however, from the looks of it, this guy doesn't look like he's had a restful submersion. His lost limbs and expression is quite telling of how that feels.

My nephew, who was visiting recently, said that he finally saw the film on the plane traveling in for a visit. He had to watch it for the many times that I have shouted out the name 'Timothy Chalamet' how Oprah in her Oprahness shouted out his name when they passed having both appeared on the same late night talk show. I wonder what my nephew, who is 18, thought of the film. I didn't have a chance to ask him in the frenzy of arrival and talking about all of things that need to be talked about. I hope that he did if for only the reason that it portrayed a beautiful place in the world and a lifestyle that recommends leisure and copious amounts of Italian wine.