Sunday, August 26, 2012

scouse girls

Liverpool Scouse girls

a scouse brow
Curlers in your hair, shame on you! Wasn't that the ad for ... Clairol back in the 70's?! Well now in the 10's, they are raging. In Liverpool, anyway.

The fashion report on the BBC about the Liverpoolian Scouse girls I saw was amusing to say the least, and so much less toxic than how American television would make it out to be (I can just picture a reality show based on scouse ... maybe we already have it ... Jerseylicious? Jersey Shore? oh dear). Yes, they walk around town wearing curlers in their hair ON PURPOSE! Crazy girls! Then, they went on to show the other trend that is part of the look ... eyebrows. And I'm not talking about a Brooke Shields' brow either! I'm talking ... well, look at this one here.

UK Vogue September 2012
UK Elle September 2012
Now, I wouldn't have thought of this again unless I was relating the knowledge to a friend once back home, tucked safely in a world where only a drag queen would walk outside with a brow like that, or a woman running an errand with a head scarf wrapped safely around curlers that were taming a mane for a party later in the day ... but on the flight home yesterday, I sat perfectly happy on a many houred delayed flight in the glory of the September editions of all of my UK favorites and found this editorial picture from UK Vogue. OK, it's a menswear look ... she's being styled man. I get that ... but then there's this ad for H&M ... she's rather pretty, don't you think. She looks very English to me ... the stuff of mersey, almost Charlotte Rampling-esqe.

And just Google 'scouse' and it all comes up ... and what is most, revealing, is the following:

What's worse than Scouse Brow itself is the fact that it appears to have spread outside the confines of Merseyside, and has even been spotted on the streets of Chelsea and at the altar of Westminster Abbey. We've said it before and we'll say it again: The Duchess of Cambridge will live to regret her decision to do her own make-up on her wedding day. If not only for the heavy-handed result, but for the fact that wicked whispers point to Kate's bridal maquillage as the possible inspiration for the whole Scouse Brow movement.
As Kate's great, great, great, great grandmother-in-law would say: We are not amused. (

I knew it! As I sat in my fancy dress, watching the wedding with a group of girls also in fancy dress, I thought ... love the dress, but her make-up looks like a ... drag queen's! But how could it be??? She's Kate! She's getting married to a Prince! She's on television for millions to see! What was she thinking? Man, she dodged the bullet by taking the curlers out, Pippa must have had to wrestle them away from her!
I have to be honest though ... whenever I kohl my eyebrows, which are quite substantial in their own right, though don't look it to the uninformed see-er as they are golden hued, but I kind of like it. They appear so dramatic ... and they make my eyes pop and seem so very blue. Oh, what would it be if I took the chance, was bold, and walked outside with charcoaled brows .... and a roller or two in my locks.

Do they sell curlers anymore? Must check it out so that I too can scouse-up too. I'll start the trend here. As it was very obvious that the girls picked up on my look from, oh, 20 years ago when I visited the UK last ... yeah, I was rocking the tights and denim short look. I have a picture of myself kissing the Blarney Stone with that look. And this visit, I saw it everywhere. It took that long for the look to latch. I don't know if I have the desire for scouse to take as long to ... hook.

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