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David Beckham is the first man ever to grace the cover of UK Elle
No words necessary.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

power lift

Rolling Stone August 2, 2012
Skip the Justin Bieber Rolling Stone cover story and go right to gold ... Mangold. Her brother is the center for the New York Jets! That family has some heft for sure! But like the article says, this is her moment as she lifts for Team USA in the super heavy division.

I love reading the stories of the Olympic athletes ... usually they report the struggles and obstacles that the athlete has managed in order to become one of the best, but not Holly. She's a regular girl, who, like a lot of us girls, wanted to be on the USA gymnastics team. And also like a lot of us, it just 'didn't pan out for me,' says Holley.

But unlike the rest of us, her golden dreams were not  dashed when she couldn't quite master the uneven parallel bars in gym class. No, she just sauntered over to that balance beam ... and lifted it!

You go!

project runway: Ven's sweet win

Ven discusses his design on Project Runway Season 10 Episode 2
Brilliant. This guy, a seemingly unlikely designer due to his ... calm and quietude, has got skills. Here, he took rock candy and liquorice whips and made what looks to be  an elegant cocktail dress. And magically when everyone else lost candy as their model walked the runway, his broken bits of candy stayed put in their respective panes. Ven makes women look beautiful ... he's who I picked to win last week too. Actually the dress that he whipped up to compliment his stunning white suit looks like a cousin to this winner. Fantastic!

Too bad that his model didn't understand that on a television show when the designer is defending his work that the camera is continuously on ... the model wearing the dress. She's a beautiful girl, styled to confection, but she's got that look on her puss that looks like she's wearing sour balls, not sweet rock crystal.

A few others sweets design from episode 2
Guess who's is the middle dress? My fave ... Kooan! I was disappointed in his showing. He should have knocked this one out. The top is funky but then with the use of cotton candy, it literally fell apart below the waist. It's definitely a candy dress, but I think, and we are going to see this a lot from him, it went too far. Way too much is going on ... I will want to see something less apocalyptic from him by the end of the season. But he's so darn cute ... well, whacky. And I love to watch his expressions and reactions to everything that is going on around him.

The judges really liked Sonjia's blue/green number too. I like the shark candies around the neck and top of the dress, but the bottom? It looks like an apron to me. The same effect is the back of the dress. That ruined it for me ... and next to Ven's dress, it looks over-worked. Too much is going on ... if Ven wasn't in the competition, this would have won I suppose. Oh yes, Dmitry's dress (left) is a stunner and it floated down the runway, but he didn't use enough candy. Essentially, he sewed a dress, strung candy to look like beads, and called it a day. It wasn't a CANDY dress.

The designers purchased the candy at Dylan Lauren's (Ralph's daughter) candy store in Manhattan. She was also the guest host. I wonder how she ever got into candy? I guess that she had to come up with something ... she wasn't a particularly dynamic judge. And honestly, this week, I was surprised at how Nina Garcia reacted to the dresses ... she actually liked a few of them! OK Nina, who is always so ... critical.

Friday, July 20, 2012

project runway

Season 10 is under way! I was surprised by the premier last night ... I was thinking that it didn't start until next week. Quel surprise! Project Runway is the only reality television show that I watch truly and faithfully. I've loved every minute that it's been on the air. Have I always agreed with the judges? NO! Mondo should have won, not whoever she was from Oregon (?) that did! Can I impersonate Heidi Klum? Yes! Nod in agreement like Michael Kors? Yes! And ignore most of what Nina Garcia says? Yes!  So here we go ...

With the first, 'huh?!' Christopher is the winner of episode one's challenge. The dress on the left is the one that he brought from home. Oh the judges ooh'd and aah'd over it. Was it constructed well? Sure. But I just can't get over the color of it ... and the diamond shape cut-out at the waist is a bit much with so much leg showing. Patricia Field, a guest judge, said something about the fact that he made something beautiful out a granny fabric. If you are bringing a representation of your aesthetic to the show, why would you bring something that you made from a granny-fabric? The judges weren't really happy with the little black one that he whipped up for the challenge, and I wonder if it fits at all through the bust. Christopher did have to make alterations to it because his model came in two inches smaller than his measurements.  My 15 year-old niece loved it. She said, "Of course I love it. It's black and tight!" I expect more than that from a designer.

The winner should have been ...

Ven Budhu's design
Ven Budhu? He is the most unlikely looking of the designers, not that looks have anything to do with it. This look (left) that he brought with him is lovely and strong. The bustier is beautifully crafted, and I love the pleating of the pants. They flowed down the runway. I wouldn't be the first to buy a white suit, but this one? I would buy it in a minute. It's georgeous. Constructed, yet fluid. Strong, yet feminine. And as Nina likes to comment often, "It looks expensive." The dress that Ven made to compliment the suit as part of the challenge was also good. Not as good, but not one that I would think would have a hard time selling.

Kooan's design
On the other side of the spectrum, the bottom two both needed to go home. They should have just taken care of that right away. I'm not really sure that Gunnar needed to come back for a second shot of it. He's just too ... too muchy. And he's all about well I don't like Christopher because he's too much like me. Say what?! Auf Wiedersehen!

The designer that I want to watch is Kooan. Oh yes, he is silly! And is very Japanese, but let us not forget ... the Japanese are crazy about fashion! And they mix it up more than anyone does! He brought Hara Juku for his first showing, but I'm thinking that one, he knows how to cut and sew; and two, he's probably going to kick ass on the strange materials show. And I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't sew a stuffed animal to one of his dresses. That would be fantastic! What would Nina and Michael have to say about that! Right off the bat, Michael said something about his silliness ... come on Michael, don't you have a store in Tokyo? I don't know if he does or not; but if he did, he would know that about the culture. Oh, Kooan will be interesting to watch and worth keeping around to see what he comes up with next!

the age of innocence

After having read several good reviews of The Innocents, a story based on Edith Wharton's The Age of Innocence, and having read another classic re-mix this year, The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey's re-fashioning of Bronte's Jane Eyre, I decided to read it.

I was sold on the novel as I had read the reviews of it and several interviews of Francesca Segal, the author. She was born to the close-knit Jewish community in London that she places her characters in. She fled from the seemingly claustrophobic claw of it to New York. And in a tour of novels rooted very definitely in the storied past of NYC, she found her roots firmly planted in Wharton's The Age of Innocence. Segal, interestingly, met a London Jew in NYC, married, and moved back. Apparently the claw is trans-continental.

The Innocents is, I suppose, a good summer read. With the whirl of warm activity around me, I was still able to get through fairly quickly. But as is the case of The Flight of Gemma Hardy, it won't stick. It won't be re-read. And it will more than likely find me re-reading The Age of Innocence. Oh I suppose if you have no understanding or experience with a close-knit Jewish family/community, or have a hard time fathoming that most of us live similarly, only having different names for traditions or different ingredients for celebratory foods, then the novel might be just that ... novel. But for the story itself, it was best as it was first written. Segal, in my opinion, didn't fully grasp the subtlety of the story. And her community wasn't as keenly made real as Wharton's turn of the century New York society.

Adam, like Wharton's Newland Archer, was overly concerned with his idea of how his life should look to others. That's gonna get ya into trouble every time ... and it does/did, though Adam wasn't as un-in-love with Rachel, his wife, as Newland was of his. I don't think that Segal was very kind to Rachel. She made her ... addle brained. May Welland was true. She was not in any shape or form a modern woman, but she wasn't 'in thinking' old-fashioned. Because one lives according to the norm, the expectation of a rigid set of guidelines and rules, doesn't mean that one's thinking is ... dull. Segal's Rachel is dim witted. And I don't think that was fair. Ellie, Segal's Countess, was ... pitiful. She was a ... ratty, old muff sold in a second hand store. I wouldn't dare to stick my hands in her. And I was curious why Adam was attracted to her. Countess Ellen Olenska was charactered. She was modern within the confines of the old society. And she shone. There is a difference between being drawn to one due to charm and effervescence and being to taken in by drama. Did Countess Olenska have drama in her life? Of course, but she never let on that it affected her. Ellie? She was just a mess. And kind of a skank.

Perhaps I am done with these re-envisionings of classic novels. It does seem to be the trend. But then again, maybe not. It does, in the end, bring me back to the original. And those stories are one's that I never tire of reading.

Monday, July 16, 2012

a very important day

UK Vogue July 2012
My sister and nephews are off to play soccer in another state, and grandma and I are in charge of the girls ... an emotional 15 year old (her word, not mine) and an 8 year old. I've promised to take the 8 year old to the American Girl store downtown for lunch ... with her doll naturally. And mom has approved the purchase of ONE new outfit. After watching Alice in Wonderland last night, she said, "Come on, we have to go to bed. We have a very important day tomorrow." And so we do.

I saw this picture in Vogue this month and saved it. The head piece reminds me of one that my travelling companion bought for me on Moorea, an island in the South Pacific. Of course, I didn't have nearly as nice of a suit to wear with it, but I wore it every evening in our little cottage as we dined by candle light and listened to the island sounds of a faraway place. And the French tenor who sang for the Argentine ladies who were camped out across the way from us.

This would be the perfect outfit to have lunch today. I'll have to go into my Hermoine-bag and see what I can pull together. It is afterall, a very important day.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

glenn hansard

Rolling Stone

Here he is ... the Tony award winner! I wrote of it a while back after I watched the Tony's. I really enjoyed the performance on the show, and have since purchased the cast album and like it as well as I did the original. I really want to travel to NYC to see this production, particularly if the actor, who sings on the cast album is still playing the part ... he's delightful!

Hansard must feel good ... he's been around for a long time. If you've seen the Irish movie The Commitments circa 1991, he's the skinny red-headed guitar player! That's the first time that I spotted him. How could you not with that ginger on top of his head.

And now he has a Tony to put along side the Oscar that he won for the title song of the film that the musical is based on.

Hey wait a minute ... a Tony?! He's one-upped his fellow Irishman Bono! Bono has a little project on Broadway too. Although that's been terrifically successfully financially, I don't think that it won any Tony's. I went to NYC to see Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark ... of course! Bono is my man! And I loved it, but it had problems and drama. Problems and drama. My sister and her kids just saw it and they loved it too ... maybe having Bono, and the Edge for that matter, in the community was just a bit ... too celestial. Too bright. Oh, nothing against Broadway, I love it, but their community is a little ... smaller, niche'd, compared to the universe that U2 explodes in .... oh, of course I'm saying this tongue in cheek.

It must feel good for Hansard to ... have been recognized in a way that his fellow Irishman wasn't ... I know that they are some kind of mate ... they buskered together on Christmas Eve a year or so ago. But let's face it ... it must get ... tedious to watch his mug constantly being recognized. I can't help but think of the film Killing Bono about the pals who started up a band at the same time as Larry (U2's drummer and the guy who tacked the note on the board looking for bandmates) did. They were always chasing them, Bono in particular, from that time on ... and it wasn't Bono that was the devil for real, but the guy in the other band tried really hard to make him out to be just that. I'm not saying that Hansard has some sort of rivalry with Bono, but I had to think .... hah! you aren't the only star on the celestial plain.

Here they are on Grafton Street ... a couple of Irish buskers singin' for their Christmas supper.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

turn up the volume

I may as well let this picture explode on the page with its volume. This piece is a bit different than Catherine's Sarah Burton wedding gown a year ago, don't you think. I love the pink ... wonder what's underneath all of that ... fluff!

Google Images

In UK Vogue this month, one of the editorials photographed was volume. I'm not quite sure what woman wants to add volume to her ... volume, but it makes for an interesting editorial statement.

Of course this look is not a new one and it reminds me of the Isaac Mizrahi collection that was created as he was being documented in the film Unzipped. I loved the film! It was a true, behind the scene, look at fashion. It followed his creative process and to some extent the lives of the supermodels that he used in his shows. And supermodels they were ... Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and even Kate Moss.

Google Image

One of the inspirations for the collection was the 1922 film, Nanook of the North. Isaac wanted to create a luxurious collection and imagined a beautiful woman out on the tundra looking fabulous. He attributed the collection to a film actress in a film, but I can't recall it. I can recall the picture of her with a dewy complexion, wrapped in white fur. Of course between the two inspirations, he created for what at the time was modern in 1995. You can see to the right Naomi Campbell on the runway in the vividly colored mini-Nanook jacket. Doesn't look too much different than the Burton, eh?

Here's another picture of the collection that shows the hood. Mizarhi was a riot as he explained that the fur hood and accompanying jumpsuit would be the perfect outfit to throw on to walk the dog. You can see the model on the right in the picture wearing it. Now if I had the money to burn, and the desire to do this look, I think that the thing to do is find these Mizrahi pieces. Wearing it vintage would be the way to go ... and if one could find the costumes from Nanook's wardrobe ... hmmm, maybe even better, if it was re-styled and all.

Google Image
I have to tell you ... I do have a bias for Mizhari. First, he makes beautiful clothes. Second, I think that he's a genuine person. I stood outside a restaurant not long after his documentary was released waiting for my companion to get the car, and who do you supposed walked up to the restaurant? Isaac Mizhari! He was in town for an appearance at Niemann Marcus. I was so excited and when he came close, I blurted out, "Issac!" He said hello. And I squealed, "I loved Unzipped!" He hugged me and said, "I love you!" Of course he does! I'm not sure how many fashion designers get the rock star reaction ... well, maybe in Japan, but in the Midwest?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


a summer day
Walking along a path on a summer afternoon with some of my favorite people in the world, we came upon this pond. I was immediately taken by it. I said out loud, this is our Giverny. I saw the paint strokes so clearly and I felt that if brush were in hand, I could paint it. I could channel Monet.

On this day, I woke and read the newspaper as usual. And yes, I always read my horoscope on the funny page. It's ironic that they are on the comic page, yes?! Anyway, my horoscope read that I would meet my benefactor. Benefactor? Well goodness, what could that mean? It was an interesting thing to mull over as I walked through nature with some of my favorite people ... as we looked upon the Lilly pond, I told my nephew about the reading ... and he said, "Maybe nature is your benefactor." How smart is he ... and only 13. I looked around at the beauty that surrounded us, and without sounding too corny, I saw the gift. The stars were not wrong ... I was given a lovely gift.

And so I'm here, with my benefactor ...

on the same summer day

I love the Weeping Willow tree. On the block where I grew up, a few doors down, lived a Weeping Willow. As a child, it seemed very exotic ... very spooky. The house that it shaded was different than the others on the block. It was a little cottage that didn't have one 2 x 4 of suburban built into it. And if my memory serves, it was timber-framed. So unusual. The couple who lived in it were very old ... well, to a young girl they seemed very old. Instead of the typical steel webbed fence that divided property, they had a picket fence separating them from the neighbors, and halfway down the property was a little gate. That's awfully neighborly, don't you think. The girls who had the gate and access to the yard with the Weeping Willow were friends of mine. Once I got my knee stuck in the railing of their porch ... yeah, don't know what I was thinking! They were of no help getting my knee unstuck, but the old man who lived in the cottage saw what what was happening, came through the little gate, and helped me out of my predicament. Of course I was afraid of him! But he did have kindly eyes, and he did save my knee ... yes, every time I see a Weeping Willow, I think of him and his kindness. I want, one day, to have a cottage of my own ... it does not have to be timber framed, but I do think that it should have a Weeping Willow. 

But what is it about the Weeping Willow? It's somberness, the idea that the the branches droop down in a sweeping sadness over the ground it umbrellas is ... poetic. I read on a tree site that it is often planted in areas of unwanted pools of water as it has tremendous absorption properties. Isn't that something to consider ... the tree weeps, and it can absorb its own tears. Even more remarkable is that its' sap was used as the first analgesic. It makes sense that it, like aspirin, is something that has incredible effects, yet it is ... a mystery of sorts. Maybe that's why in Greece it was a common practice to place a branch (often associated with snakes) in the bed of a fertile woman with the belief that it would entice the magical serpents to impregnate her. Native Americans also place the branch in the bed of newly married couples to increase their reproductiveness. Interesting. So many women struggle with fertility and all they've needed to have been doing is entice the magical serpent with the branch of a willow!

the weep in reflection (on the right)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

X Kid Billie Joe Armstrong

Rolling Stone July 2012
Billie and the boys of Green Day are putting out not one, but three new albums this fall. I was kind of wondering when they were going to do something new. While I've been in Jack White fever, I was reminded of the period of time when I was addicted to Green Day's American Idiot. I had the same kind of 'Oh my god I have to play this all of the time' feeling. I was late to American Idiot, but I caught up fast. I loved the manic, driving guitars and frenzied, controlled lyrics. Power punk. I loved it!

I know that Billie got side-tracked by Broadway and the stage version of An American Idiot. I saw it. Didn't love it. Sadly, I've never seen Green Day perform live. The last time a ticket was available to me, I had to draw a straw and I lost to my sister. She got to go. I was excited to see the musical, but while sitting there I thought ... man, I wish that this were a Green Day concert, and not whatever it was I was looking at on the stage. I guess that it sold a lot of tickets ... maybe because of the novelty of it?

The good thing is that while Billie Joe was actually performing in the Broadway version of his work, he wrote 70 songs. And so the 3 albums using 40 of those songs.  The band loves themes. Billie said in Rolling Stone, "With the first album, you're getting in the mood to party," on the second, "You're at the party ... and the third album .... you're cleaning up the mess." The songs were rehearsed for over a year to which the producer said that they, "Own their shit," and Cool, another guy in the band said, "This is the sound of our room, our guitars, our drums- of us playing together."

On the third album, Billie sings a requiem for an old pal, who took his own life. He says of him that he never wanted to grow up ... Billie says, "I don't want to admit I'm a fucking adult, that I'm middle-aged. But I can admit I'm not a kid anymore. 'X Kid' - that sounds a lot better."

Yeah, I'm ready for this. Punk Rock by X Kids. Hey, that would be a good name for a band!

Friday, July 6, 2012

summertime, and the living is easy ...

4th of July ... oh, after the Bulls 3-peated ... Dad's wearing the shirt
The 4th already! It's always been a big part of our family's celebrations. For as long as I can remember, it has been a party. We've done the parades, the fireworks, the carnival, and always the sittin' in the backyard eating ... and drinking beer. Many traditions have come and gone, but that one of sitting in the shade, sipping a cold one never does.

My sister has moved far away from home, but she returns every 4th with her family ... and as the kids grow, so does their love of all things red, white, and blue. They embrace the traditions, and add to the mix ... we have missed a one ... well, I have when I've been on different trips out of the country ... but you get the gist.

making potato salad with my nephew
Used to having many over, we've found over the years that we have as much fun just being our family ... we ease into the day, not up out of the blocks in a dash as we have in years past. Now smaller, we aren't so hesitant to 'make' the food ... sometimes with a crowd, it's easier to buy at the store. This year, my nephew and I made the potato salad; a family recipe that hasn't been made in many years. He was peeling and cutting  cooked potatoes and I was peeling the eggs ... he had his IPOD on and I wondered what music he was listening to ... a podcast! I didn't mind the not talking ... sometimes it's just the being that is enough. Plus I loved watching him as he made perfect cubes of potatoes ... I'm not as ... oh, fastidious with the vegetable cubes.

Many years ago, a good friend of mine introduced fireworks into the mix. We had always gone to the local pyrotechnic shows, and would suffer through my Dad's love of firecrackers, which started early and lasted through his paper bag. He would set off bricks of the noisy buggers. God, that was annoying. He was like a kid ... and Kenny, my friend, was his match. Even after we started making the 3rd's downtown fireworks an annual tradition ... and oh what fun that was! Cheese, olives, wine, and the skyline. We'd sit on the lawn of the aquarium for hours before the first colorful air-bomb. I would bring paper bags to fit over all of the city lanterns that lined the walkways so that when the show began, the night would be minus the city's glow. Sadly, the mayor put the kibosh on that tradition by canceling it forever! Argh! But we still have our own show on the 4th in the backyard.

I'm getting a little ahead of myself as I put the fireworks on pause ... another tradition that has begun since the young ones have come to us ... Captain Scallywag. Kenny and I went to college together, and one birthday a couple of years ago, he decided that we needed to take the train down to visit! Now mind you, I never took the train to and from school or at least very seldom. Typically, I would find a ride on the board at the student center. But I went along and off we went. On the return trip, we drank Miller Lite in cans in the club car, and he reminisced about his visits to a dude ranch every 4th of July with his family as a child. Every 4th, the ranch would have a pirate treasure hunt for the children. He insisted that we put one together for the children of my family. We made funny videos, painted an old chest to look like a pirate's treasure chest, and dressed up as Captain Scallywag and his wench. The kids loved it! Last year he didn't have time to put it together, so I had my niece, who was 14 at the time, make one for him! The result was wonderful. She made her brother a Spanish pirate, and we all acted in it. For the kids, we put a pinata in the treasure chest ... for him, we put a nephew in it! When he opened it up, he had quite a fright. The above video are the bloopers from filming that my niece put together.

This year we are back on track and have made a pirate treasure hunt for the kids once again ... here are our bloopers!
We're actually doing it for my mother's birthday party, not the 4th ... more kids are coming over, and we need to terrorize them with our event!

the fire
As you can see in the kids' treasure hunt, the fire pit figured prominently and the kids, well one in particular, love the fire! Last year the weather was cool, and the fire was welcomed. This year as we have averaged over 100 degrees for the last three days, not so much. But my nephew insists that the fire be lit each night. On the 4th- fire lit, the boys set about lighting up the sky. Now that my nephews are old enough ... they love blowing everything up. And I have a brother-in-law and Kenny who do as well. At one point, I just had to go inside to get away from the falling debris and Ka-Booms! Alright already! They were a little too close for comfort.

backyard fireworks ... yes, in the backyard!
Oh, I'm not a party pooper! I think that the events of two years ago are just still too fresh in my memory! After the boys blew up the sky, it's the womenfolk who clean it up! My mom had been having some trouble with racoons, so it was imperative that the trash cans be placed in the garage at the end of the night. And for the first time, since my other sister had married and moved out, I was able to put my car in the garage! What a treat. Now when everyone is at my mom's for holidays, my bed space is in hers. I was sound a sleep ... probably passed out! At 3 a.m. I awoke ... hmmm, was I thirsty? have to go to the bathroom? I walked into the kitchen and uncharacteristically poured myself a glass of orange juice. I looked out of the kitchen window and ... oh my god! Flames! In the garage! I pressed the button for the door to open, ran outside, grabbed the hose and went to work putting the fire out. When the fire died down, I went back inside to get back-up. Do I wake up my brother-in-law? Nah, he might spaz. Get mom? Yes! I walked into her bedroom and said, 'Mom?' She bolted up and asked, 'What's wrong?' I said, 'The garage is on fire.' She said, 'I'll get my slippers.' The two of us spent the next hour putting out the fire entirely and cleaning up. The fire was so hot that 2 of the 3 plastic garbage cans had melted to the ground! The one was right next to my car and it was inches away from being torched. I wanted to call the fire department, but my mom was absolutely against it. She didn't want them to know that we nearly burned the garage down because a couple of bone-headed men had thought to make certain that the remnants of the fireworks were entirely extinguished.

Yeah baby I'm a firework, but ....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

oh my gosh!

Whole Living May 2012
Thank goodness for verification that the potty that comes out of my mouth sometimes ... uh, most times, is scientifically substantiated ... according to a magazine.

My brother-in-law, god bless him, after I've told him some scientific fact or theory I've heard of always asks, 'Where did you get that from ... Glamour?' No! I don't subscribe to that anymore ... I got it from, oh what $%^#-ing difference does it make, I read it in a magazine, so it must be true.

You may be surprised to read that I have a *(&^-ing potty mouth; well, I do! But I've made a real effort to keep it out of these posts. It's been hard, and probably a better exercise than the writing itself is for me.

Oh, I need to go stub a toe or something ... what the *%^%!

Monday, July 2, 2012

white hot Chanel

UK Vogue June 2012
The Chanel ads have been stunning this season. From the light of the sea to the spice of India; we now have the resonating pulse of punk-couture.

Some little black dress, eh?!

When I had my first job after college, I worked in a department store. I didn't have a lot of money or many clothes. My mother would sew me up skirts, jackets, and suits. Then I found, at a re-sale shop, strings of pearls for a buck a strand most likely. I wanted the Chanel look. I worked in one of the suburban stores and most that I worked with thought that I was a little 'off.' I wasn't as interested in Jones of New York or Ralph Lauren or whatever it was that they were wearing. I wanted to wear what I saw in the magazines. Thankfully a woman from the downtown store swung through, met me, and took me away to the main store were I fit in much better with the more cosmopolitan crew. Everyone there was trying for a 'look' or just trying to figure it out.

In college, during my 'new wave/punk' days, I didn't wear my hair much differently than the model in this ad ... my mom would give me a perm so that I would have curly hair, and then I would go to the beauty and have the sides sheared off. Once I even put a streak of black through the ginger of my locks. I had a beautifully gently worn suit coat of my dad's ... it was checkered grey and blue, not black, wool. I wore it with everything, including an old pair of his pleated, pegged trousers that I would cinch up with a belt. I bought an old pair of Capezio dance shoes from my suite mate, Chandra of New York and that really added to the look. Of course I would also wear one of my dad's old skinny ties. My favorite, and I still have it, is bluish grey with a spot of red in it. Really cool tie. Man, I wish I had a picture of myself in that outfit ... I think that it was one of my favorites from that time ... of all time. I can see myself so clearly walking along the tracks in a college town on my way to ... somewhere ... a light drizzle on a autumnal afternoon and smelling the wool rise up.

Oh, I don't want this purse ... this white purse. And I couldn't wear the bodysuit. But I can do the mood ... the juxtaposition of formal, linen cloth and crystal, and the rip of punk, a tear of red (her lips), is something that I can imagine. And that's all it takes to build a great look.