Monday, July 16, 2012

a very important day

UK Vogue July 2012
My sister and nephews are off to play soccer in another state, and grandma and I are in charge of the girls ... an emotional 15 year old (her word, not mine) and an 8 year old. I've promised to take the 8 year old to the American Girl store downtown for lunch ... with her doll naturally. And mom has approved the purchase of ONE new outfit. After watching Alice in Wonderland last night, she said, "Come on, we have to go to bed. We have a very important day tomorrow." And so we do.

I saw this picture in Vogue this month and saved it. The head piece reminds me of one that my travelling companion bought for me on Moorea, an island in the South Pacific. Of course, I didn't have nearly as nice of a suit to wear with it, but I wore it every evening in our little cottage as we dined by candle light and listened to the island sounds of a faraway place. And the French tenor who sang for the Argentine ladies who were camped out across the way from us.

This would be the perfect outfit to have lunch today. I'll have to go into my Hermoine-bag and see what I can pull together. It is afterall, a very important day.

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