Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Haley Bennett

Vogue December 2016
Do you know her? I've been reading her name a lot lately, but I haven't seen her in "The Girl on the Train," "The Magnificent Seven," or "Rules Don't Apply." What I did see was this spectacular dress that she's wearing on  the pages of Vogue. I don't typically like the sheer dress/underwear look, but this Valentino number is truly magnificent. I love the up to the neck, sleeves to the fingers, and covering bib that gives the illusion that the dress is prudish. It isn't, of course. But it seems like it might be if the lace was replaced by some good old-fashioned cotton lawn. Maybe I like it because the red pops out from a dull background. It brightens the perspective. Although it was published in December, it came to me in January, after the lights, champagne, and general frolic of the holiday season. I reminds me to rage against the dull of shorter days colder light.

For Miss Haley, after having read the associated article, I have seen her on screen in "Music and Lyrics," which starred Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I own a copy as I do most of Grant's work because he is adorable. In the movie, Grant is a wash-up teen idol who hasn't written a hit song for years until he meets Drew Barrymore. Together, they write a new song for a pop star, who is played by Bennett. It's a cute movie, and Bennett is believable as a, for the time, Britney Spears kind of personality. About two years ago, my nephew learned to play the song that she sings for the piano. A crush liked the song, so he played it. How adorable, right? Well the movie and Bennett were just that too.

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