Saturday, December 21, 2013

Zosia Mamet

Elle December 2013

Two, two, two trends in one ... scouse brows and a painterly blouse.

Mamet's eyebrows are spectacular. They captured me as soon as I turned the page ... two centepieds of lushness brushed across her brow.  They are so big and so meticulously groomed. Mine feel an equal to them ... of course, my are blond and so not quiet so on my face as hers. And the shirt she wears below is one of my favorites of the fall fashion season that I've written about on these pages previously.

I'm excited for Girls to come back on in January. I don't have HBO, won't get it, but I think that I can find it. It's been too long since the second season ended. I'm jones-ing for some Adam and to find out what the girls are up too. I have nothing in common with any of the four, but somehow, however, it is that Lena Durnham sees girls in her own particularly quirky way and gets it.

I wish that I could say that I remember something of the interview of Zosia. I don't. I wonder what that says about her? Apparently, she's just a familiar face in a great spread that caught my eye ... who cares what she has to say, right? She is like 20. I don't know if that is even the point of this.

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