Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Butterfly Kitty-Cat

British Vogue December 2013
The advertisement is for VERTU, handmade in England. It took several looks in different magazines before I realized that the head of the butterfly dress was of a cat. And what a cute puss it is. I have several imaginings of what the stylist or photographer may have had intended for the meaning of this photograph.  Instantly to mind are the idea of the beauty of the butterfly being captured and pinned for display in a Victorian house a century ago. Of course, the woman would not have a bare arm or shoulders; rather, it would be for the admired to imagine the silk of her skin as it lie under her satin and corset.

But the puss face? No, I won't go there ... not tonight. I'll revel in the glory of nature and the beauty of color. It is enough.

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