Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Katy Perry

I was finishing up the Christmas tree and didn't think to change the TV channel as the iHeart Radio extravaganza featuring Katy Perry came on, and I have to say, I got sucked in.

I am not a "Katy-kitten" or whatever it is that her fans are called, but I did see her movie whenever that was in the recent past because my niece loves Katy. And I will admit, I shed a few tears during the telling of her story and watching the rigorous schedule that she keeps on tour.

Her new album, 'Prism,' is meant to be a departure from her blue-hair'd cotton candy self. She's ... grown-up. And her album, as she explained to Mario Lopez, is a very personal one. She went to a dark place, but she's found the light. She's empowered. And running on full strength. Oh, everything out of her mouth was cotton candy... big fluffy pink sticky sweet sugary cotton candy. At first, I was sucked in because I'm Miss Gullible, but then I got to thinking ... is she for real? Can you really walk away from an exhausting world tour, learn that you're husband is divorcing you via text, and be Katy Perry then go inside and find ... the light of a prism. The eye of the tiger. The best of everything tied up in big fluffy pink sticky sweet sugary cotton candy?

I've been on and off thinking of this all day. I need to find the prism of light. And I've looked. Really hard. Really not. And some days, the light is there. Others, no. I don't think that I could go on to TV and say that it was dark and now it is light. Sometimes, it's gray.

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