Thursday, January 5, 2017

Winter Blue

A few weeks ago, as we battled extreme cold in our building, a woman said to me, 'don't you hate winter?' Actually, I told her, having lived in Chicago for my whole life, I'm fairly used to plunging temperatures, piles of snow, and dark evenings. Sure, it's dipped back down to the single digits now, and the wind chill is pulling it even lower, but it has blended into the cycle of my life. And in times of uncertainty, knowing what to expect is a great comfort. Plus, when it is really cold outside, the sky is a spectacular shade of blue. Cold burns through clouds and finds for me the color of the Caribbean waters that I have swam in Puerto Rico's western beaches, which is the islands most beautiful encanto. I see that and find a great warmth in the sky, even as cold as it is.

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