Saturday, July 28, 2012

power lift

Rolling Stone August 2, 2012
Skip the Justin Bieber Rolling Stone cover story and go right to gold ... Mangold. Her brother is the center for the New York Jets! That family has some heft for sure! But like the article says, this is her moment as she lifts for Team USA in the super heavy division.

I love reading the stories of the Olympic athletes ... usually they report the struggles and obstacles that the athlete has managed in order to become one of the best, but not Holly. She's a regular girl, who, like a lot of us girls, wanted to be on the USA gymnastics team. And also like a lot of us, it just 'didn't pan out for me,' says Holley.

But unlike the rest of us, her golden dreams were not  dashed when she couldn't quite master the uneven parallel bars in gym class. No, she just sauntered over to that balance beam ... and lifted it!

You go!

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