Saturday, August 4, 2012

boys should be boys

Vogue August 2012
Oh Marc Jacobs! I know that you love to wear a dress, but ... really?! You look like a dork. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a prude, but I just like dudes, any dudes, to wear pants, unless it's a kilt. I love that Seth Meyers wore the same dress to the Met Ball, and that he couldn't fit his big man feet into the ladies shoes that Marc wears with his ensemble. Maybe Marc is ... jealous of Tom Ford's handsomeness. Oh, one would not see Tom Ford in a dress. Ever. 

Marc Jacobs tries too hard. It's like the Juergen Teller photographed advertisements for Marc Jacobs. Not one has popped for me. And honestly, I don't think that it shows his work well. And isn't that the point? Yes, there is such a thing as brand. And establishing a point-of-view, but with his ads, I always sense that it's an inside group working together, making the joke, and I'm so left outside of it. I don't think that he intends to have his customer outside of the circle. Or maybe it's meant for his customers to feel like they are a part of it all? I'm always ... like, whatever.

But I can forgive Marc all this because of this:
Vogue July 2012
Wow! Look at those buckled shoes! He isn't wearing those when he's got a dress on. The editorial for this piece was volume. I showed the Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen a few posts back ... and a lot of it bordered on cartoonish, but Jacobs, his outfit is divine. Volume? Yes! But the peter-panned school girl blouse, and sculpted bodice balances the expanse of the hips to a wearable proportion. I bought on a splurge, Vogue's Fall look publication. I was busy on the phone when I checked out and it wasn't until I was a block from the store that it occurred to me that my bill was awfully high. And wouldn't you know, the look book was $40! I might have rethought it if I had known, but I had walked away ... must be meant to be mine. In it was two pages of this Marc Jacobs' collection. It was one of the strongest showings in the book. Not only are the designs exquisite, but the fabric ... especially his use of leather was one of the best.

Oh Marc, put some big boy pants on because, sweetie, you're the man.

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