Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tunnel of trees

tunnel of trees in Michigan

the stuck car
I, naturally, came across the tunnel of trees on my route 'round the lake. I was meant to go straight, turned left and came into a horrific rain storm. The tunnel is on a bluff with Lake Michigan at its feet. Thick forest commands both sides of the road as it twists and turns. As it was storming, it seemed as if I was the only one on the road, which I was thankful for so that I could take my time to absorb it all. Of course I had to really pay attention to the driving because it was a gale, though I felt protected by my tree umbrella. All along the route, cottages were tucked up into the trees, though huge, modern dwellings seemed to be taking over. The lights in their windows were very welcoming on what was a very dark hour during the middle of the day. I opened my window a crack so that I could hear the crash of Lake Michigan against the beach below. Suddenly, after one hair pin turn, a bolt of lightning hit one of the huge trees and sent it crashing down. I pulled to a stop as did a car on the other side of it. It was a beauty of a tree and covered the road. The man said that there was a tree down from where he had come from and so was trapped.Trapped between trees in the tunnel. He called 911. A few cars piled up after me and I went one to the next and explained the predicament. Of course, they were all doing what I was, and so didn't know an alternate route. I hung out for a while ... it was so surreal. So calming. It was the tree bath I wrote about a few posts back.

the Mackinaw City bridge
Eventually, I unstuck myself, turned around and headed off. My natural sense of direction set me in the right direction, and I was back on my way. And next stop was the Mackinaw City bridge, which would take me from the lower to the upper Michigan pennisula. As you can see in the photo, it is still raining, and yes, my dumb self was taking the picture as I drove on the grooved lane! They are repaving the bridge and so one side of it is that funky grooving, which makes it seem as if you are going to wobble off of the street or bridge as it were. But who wants to drive on the outside lane ... in the rain ... next to a truck (zut alors!) ... it's like a roller coaster feeling the whole way. 26, 371 feet of my stomach in my yoohoo!

But everything calmed down on the other side. Rain stopped. Sun came out. Ate a pasties (meat pie). And what does one do .... step on the gas. Yeah, got clocked doing 82 in a 55. I swore that I was slowing down after a pass ... he put me down for 60. What a day.

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