Monday, September 24, 2012

an end

isle of skye 2012
flutters kick
against my insides,
yet the heart beats
the all's clear alert.

I was not in danger
of loving your heart.
the hugeness of mine
could not fill
your emptiness.

I longed 
to love you-
captured in your skin
inhaling your scent.
though dizzied,
I was not bowled over.

sometimes make believe
seems so real.
I could have pretended
for a moment longer as 
the play of the game
is the possibility
that life can be 
free and easy.

it isn't that.
I pay with hurt feelings
and a breech of 
what was thought to be
a shared impulse.

I'm left melancholy,
ego hidden.
looking to next.
not you.

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