Sunday, July 7, 2013

electric dance music

niece and nephew
So the inspiration for this entry is from the pages of my life more than it is a magazine ... my sister's family is in town for the annual summer vacation. My niece, and to some extent, nephew love electronic dance music. Sixteen is a difficult age, we all know that, and I wanted to make sure that the teenager had a good time at grandma's, so I looked for an event that would make her ... happy. And so here began my odyssey of the Wave Front Electric Dance Music Festival.

one of the smaller stages
Lucky for me, the teenagers like to sleep and the idea of arriving at the 11 a.m. start time was a bit ... much. She was happy to get there when we got there. So in the early evening, we arrived. And we immediately threw ourselves into the thick blanket of ravers at the big stage. She didn't know that I would go in ... she said something to the effect, 'you know, it's like a mosh pit in there,' as if I didn't have a clue of what lie in store. Oh no! I'm going in there with you ... your cute little self is going to have a body guard, and it isn't going to just be your brother!

We plowed through the throng of bikini clad, altered stated madness to find ourselves right in front. The bass was so loud that the hair on my arms stood on end. I bounced right along side the kids and endured the water canons as they shot out over the crowd that was already wet from sweat. My nephew couldn't take it, so he wandered to the back. I wanted to stay with the girl ... yes, I was being a little over protective of her. But she's cute and petite, and those big bad wolves out there could eat her up and spit her out in a minute! But I got thirsty ... and I wondered how my nephew was doing, so I broke away from the pulse and a bopping 16 year old and found ...

the sun sets over the bass
that I was in an episode of Girls. I thought of the 'crack fairy' episode, except I wasn't on crack ... everyone else was, and who knew that me being there would have such a great effect on the children. I was high fived, fist pumped, and told I was 'awesome' as I dragged myself and the backpack through the throngs. I guess that they figured out that I wasn't 20! At  one point, a girl reached out and grabbed my breast. When she got it in her hand, she exclaimed, 'wow!' and held on to it even tighter. I had to knock her off of me to keep going. Next, a meat head, a finely chiseled shirt-less buck whirled me around and started moving his hardness all over me! Really? Oh, get off of me! I was worried about the wolves devouring my niece? That crowd liked the novelty of me and couldn't get enough. I wasn't in any kind of altered state, but it sure was a surreal experience. And I was Hannah sober, so I experienced it real time. And it is stuck in my memory forever.

Once out, I was not surprised at how many more people were rushing the dj.  I couldn't find my nephew, grabbed a Bud Light, and thought to reenter and find at lease one teenager that I knew. I found her after I went through the tunnel of grab right where I left her. After another hour of pulse, I grabbed her out to find our other. At that point, we decided to find a spot at an apex of all of the djs, put the blanket on the sand, and chill. It was the perfect spot as the night's ending fireworks were set off right where we were. We toddled to the car amidst the soon to be dazed and hung over, and wandered over to a diner. Breakfast was the perfect end as we reviewed the events of the evening. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I sure had fun. I was with the coolest people there. And the beat was solid.

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