Monday, October 21, 2013

TMI Valentino

Harper's Bazaar September 2013
Valentino. You would do better to keep your uber-lifestyle to yourself, and not list a day out for readers of magazines. It's not only arrogant, though I know it is probably not entirely your decision as Bazaar highlights someone's day in each issue, but it also is not very interesting.

Of course, anymore, everyone wants their lives to be documented and on display for all to see. I don't really understand the attraction of it. How is: 10:30 A.M. I really love to sleep late. Now that I am working much less, I prefer to stay up at night, reading or watching TV ... interesting? Does it give us any idea of what makes Valentino, one of the world's more beloved designers, creates? Or what inspires him? Do we even need to know what is behind the process? Do we have to know, for another instance, that at 7 P.M.: After the the TV news it's time to change for dinner. I put on something more casual if I am by myself, a sweater from Malo and pants from Brunello Cucinelli or a knit shirt, and comfortable slippers from Jimmy Choo or Belgian shoes.

It's just silly. And no, I don't want to see an Instagram of it either. Let the work speak for itself. Your private life should be just that ... private. Especially one that is as mundane as my own as an hourly report.

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