Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Career Crisis Averted


A friend and colleague is having a bit of a career crisis. He sat and talked me through it during lunch yesterday. What I didn't realize was the extent to which the crisis held him. Today, he announced that he went on to a web site to complete a career assessment. It didn't seem too complicated ... 60 questions. And the result was several career suggestions based on the responses and the commitment it would take to school or training would be necessary to pursue it. In other words, the first suggestion was based on the notion that he would not go to school or train to become it. He would just be it. And naturally, other suggestions were based on more schooling or training. He wasn't going to admit to anyone what he could do right now, as right now had him working as a beautician! Yes, I sat a across from a 50 year old, bald, University of Chicago graduate who found his way into a beauty parlor job on a self-help career site.

Of course I had to do it too! And he was certain that my profession would be fabulous compared to what was served up to him (yeah, he's a little down right now). And it was! Sixty questions and the recommendation for me was MODEL. Well, of course I can be a model. And I can date Leonardo DeCaprio. And I can walk for Karl Lagerfeld. And, oh, the wonderful things that I can do as a model. I suppose that it's hard to see it on the screen shot, but it really does say that in the box.

And if I'm willing to go back to school and/or train? Clergy. Sinner to saint baby. Oh dear, which shall I choose?

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