Friday, June 27, 2014


Vogue in Spring
I've been going through piles of magazine pages that have been pulled, and I had nearly forgotten about my wonderful Girls! I've now viewed both seasons twice ... maybe thrice ... times through. Without spoiling the end of Season Two for any of you who haven't seen it, I even described the final scene to my college-bound niece, who will leave a boyfriend back home. Hey, you gotta go do what you have to do no matter how hot the guy is that you are leaving behind. And this is certainly the case for Hannah who considers her acceptance into the Iowa writing program that she herself can't believe that she's been accepted into.

My favorite episode of Season Two is the one where a frustrated Hannah decides to tempt Adam away from rehearsal by taking a sexual walk through memory lane. She's convinced that Adam isn't making time for her because their sex life has become routine. Her solution: vamp it up. And the scene that ensues is hilarious. Because if they were on the edge before, it was because it was happening organically, and they didn't know each other very well. Now into the relationship, the universe has shifted. And her attempt to recapture what can never be duplicated is a comedy of errors. Though I have never acted that scene out per se, I have been up to no-good and have found the manipulation of what should be left to chance/timing/fate has been a disastrous, muffled, mumbled attempt to recreate something that was only meant to be magic.
 So now we have Hannah and Adam on opposite sides of the ... tub. What will become of them? I heartedly believe that Hannah should go to Iowa ... I know I wouldn't pass that opportunity up! And Adam, he's the loyal sort of guy. And for all of his strangeness, I think that he's for real. And Hannah needs to mindful of that. She is the one that needs to grow-up. And yes, this is so important to consider!

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