Saturday, September 20, 2014


I've said it before ... I love BARBRA. Throw in a little Jimmy Falllon and we've got chicken soup.

I did not see the show live. I was long gone to sleep. And I had forgotten that she was going to be a guest, so it was a surprise when I was told that she had already appeared on the show. I'm not big on Internet searching ... I like paper. I have a friend who is very keen on the Internet, and she often forwards articles to me that she thinks that I might be interested in. I return the favor by finding articles that I think that she would enjoy, tear it out, and leave it at her door. I always am amused at the thought of our exchange. It is who we are and can co-exist.

Jimmy Fallon is one show, however, that I am happy to get on the information highway to check out. I've heard that his show is inconsistent, which is surprising because the tidbits that I get on The Tonight Show web site are all good. He is as cute as a button! And I love when he sings or dances. His eyes crinkle and face softens into a beguiling handsomeness. I want to call him a leprechaun, but too many might find that comparison to be wrong. So, instead, I'll call him a sprite. An adorable Jimmy-sprite.

I can't imagine anyone that would be as easy with Barbra appearing on his show. His adoration of her is quite apparent, and his boyishness entertained a somewhat, it seems, shy performer. She may like a light on one side or only certain colored flowers to adorn her room, but she portrays herself as being like any other girl.

Once a friend called me from his vacation in the Hamptons. Oh yes, that sounds ladidadi, but he was the guest of someone who lives a large life and has a place there. He called me quite excited. He saw two women running along the shore, and called to say: I saw Barbra running. She was with some woman who is famous too. A designer. You know the one who puts the big NY on her stuff. I asked, "uh, Donna Karan?' Yes! That is who it was. He said that they looked like two old ladies out for a jog. It is hard to imagine Barbra jogging. Have you ever noticed in her movies when she does run that she looks kind of goofy ... her hands are held out away from her body with her long fingers as fans, and her legs sort of kick up the knee in a spastic form. Ah, so maybe she is like any other girl ... imperfect.

Ah! But her voice. There is nothing just like a girl about it, and it makes her far from normal. And Jimmy the sprite held his own with her. He is worth the time on a device sans papier that feels so good in my hand.

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