Tuesday, April 14, 2015

2015 Spring is a Very Good Vintage

I don't really ever mean to plunk down pictures torn from the magazines, but this season has been one of my favorites in recent memory. I like the '70's looks; the frilly white, nearly western looks; the hard and soft put together; and naturally, all of the black and white. All of these pages have been torn out of April's 2015 Elle magazine.

The first look here is Louis Vuitton ... naturally. The stripes are lovely, and the twist of the left hip stripe becoming horizontally makes it so much more textural. Is her arm on her left hip hiding a buckle? I wonder. Once, long ago, I got a hold of a piece of silk (raw) that was striped. It burnt orange and a deep olive color if I remember correctly. I had my mom sew a coat dress from me from it. She put gold buttons down the front of it, not much different than the ones pictured here. I loved that dress ... until the day when I woke up late for work, didn't have time to shower, and thought that it was a good idea to dowse myself with a Perry Ellis fragrance that I was trying out. Well, the try-out didn't work out, and the fragrance seeped into the fabric and never seemed to come out. I didn't wear it as often because of the ... smell. Too bad, it was a great dress.

The dress above is Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci (Kanye's buddy). The jacket is MONCLER. If you look closely, you'll see sweet Swiss dots adorning this slip of a pretty dress. It is so feminine, but styled with the leather makes it less cotton candy and more ... oh man, dare I say, like a Stevie Nicks' song: "You give me your leather, take from me my lace." Corny, perhaps, but stunning nonetheless.

This dress is another Riccardo Tisci. It's very nearly western. Of course styled with the studded belt and what is turquoise and silver makes it so much more so. If you look at the hem, there's a peak-a-boo of lace (again, the soft and hard contrast of soft - lace and it's a jersey fabric; and hard - studs and deep black). I'm not sure if I'm seeing correctly, but it looks as if there are buttons ... I'm not so sure that I'd wear this with the plunge ... but I would wear this to death.

I've shown this jacket before on the blog a few weeks back (the denim hippie look with the girl looking very '70's with part down the middle blond hair), but this is even more awesome. 'It' being a Gucci jacket. I went to see "Cinderella" this weekend, and I think that the jackets that all of the King's men wore look identical to this. Of course, theirs were made up in Disney jewel tones, but they looked like they were from the pages of a magazine (Cinderella's wedding dress looked very similar to George Clooney's girl's white with embroidery mullet dress that she wore on the wedding weekend). Again, the soft and hard look: transparent blouse, luxurious skirt under a strong, statement jacket.

This dress is from Mugler. I'm not sure if you can see it, but the top is sparkly with what looks like beads. The delicate netted skirt with the abstract swatches of the same fabric are is well. This is just a cool-ass dress. And she's covered (sleeves and neck), but she's not covered too. Sexy.

Oh, glorious Spring 2015! If only you were an indication of every season that strolls down the runway.

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