Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Rob Lowe is the Grinder

Rolling Stone Magazine October 22, 2015
Not about Rob Lowe, this article, however, reminded me about the new FOX sitcom "The Grinder," which is my absolute favorite of the new shows this fall because he is a genius on it. I watched it tonight and laughed hysterically at what Rob does as the grinder. That is it, totally believable as a drama series queen dropped into the real world as a character, not a person. He's Edward Scissorhands. Down into suburbia from the house of his creator, he plays to his strength, the character that he portrayed on the show that everyone loves.

Aha! but we also see a man that wants to live without his scissor hands. Not knowing how, he uses the scenes from his fictional one to figure things out. He isn't so oblivious of the paradox to not see what he could have and how he falls short for lack of having any real world experience.

Who knew? I have always found Rob Lowe easy on the eye, but I can't think of anything that he's acted in since "St. Elmo's Fire." Here, he is still as handsome as ever, but it isn't that which makes him so appealing in this sitcom. He's vulnerable. And that is damn sexy.

And Fred Saveage? He's good too. I wasn't one for "The Wonder Years." I think that I like him better all grown up. And he's the perfect ... little brother to the man who would be king.

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