Sunday, August 5, 2018

Rolling Stone Reimagined

Rolling Stone August 2018
'Rolling Stone' reimagined? Hm.

I picked up a Rolling Stone Magazine years ago after having not read it in twice as many more. It supplied, maybe, hours of relief on a long flight somewhere in the world. Once home, I immediately added it to the list of magazines that stuff my mail box every month.

One of the things that I always liked about the magazine was that it was a manageable, newspaper-like without the ink on my hands, periodical. I didn't have to read it like a book- the pages easily folded back so that I could read one page at a time. If needed, I could also fold it in half lengthwise to fit into a pocket. And all of this ease of use came with color and content.

Now ... what have they done with this reimagining? Made it harder to read, that's what I think. The cover and pages are stiff and the pages are larger, so I had to read it sitting down and on my pillow that I put on my lap for magazine reading ... especially when the magazines are like books. It will not easily travel with me that I am sure of. And in its bigness, the content looks smaller, and if you can see from the scan, mean, skinny lines, a stark contrast to the big, enclose content that I am meant to look at. I don't like it. And I found that I spent less time with it than I normally would have given the stiffness ... and since I can't fold it and put it in my pocket, it's off to the recycle.

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