Sunday, May 6, 2012

Taurus the Bull

Elle May 2012
I was so busy on my birthday this year that I forgot to check my horoscope. Not that I really believe in that celestial magic ... well, maybe a little bit. But here it is in my Sunday magread.

Let's see, the Universe is ready for  me to push forward (check). I may hear 'outstanding' news concerning home, family, or real estate (ok). And romantically, my month couldn't look better ... the full moon could bring plans for an engagement or wedding (really???).

On the year ahead ... new sources of income that could be in place for 10 years or more (hmmmm), I will have 'remarkable advantages in matters of the heart with Mars in your house of true love until July' (no comment), by October I will 'crave more stability and responsibility of my relationships' since Saturn will enter my marriage house for three years (note to self: find relationship), and the best, my job will be steady until December, and by February, I'll reach my 'most important moment of the year (ominous).

For some reason, this doesn't excite me as it once would have done. Perhaps ... the old bull has let me down too many times. Or maybe it's that celestial energy has the impossible task of reaching us through the glut of what life has become in 2012. Goodness knows that it is impossible to keep up with everything and everyone ... well, unless one has a FaceBook page. I'm always out of he conversation on that front ... I tell myself, well, if it's really important, they'll call, or write, or catch me on my phone-cans.

Not that I wouldn't like some of the predictions to come to pass. I usually always push forward ... that must be a Taurian trait that can't get lost in world-noise. I'm always happy to hear that someone in my family is doing well ... my sister is training for a marathon. I'll be there and I will report on what will hopefully be an 'outstanding' effort. And that 'most important moment' in my job house? I teach. February is the middle of the year ... what could that possibly mean? Maybe more than a handful of my students will have a break-through and know how to use commas, colons, and semi-colons correctly ... that would be a break-through!

And romance? Oh. I do crave the 'stability and responsibility' of a relationship, but does someone crave that of me? I told a student on trip yesterday when asked about living alone, 'what do you wish for?' It was an easy answer ... when I was young, I didn't have an alarm clock to wake up to, I had a mom. She wasn't much of a morning person, still isn't. She would come into our room, I shared with my two sisters, and she would tap us on the leg. One tap. No words. That's all it took. We are all sleepers, but we also all know how to get up. So yes, I would like to get rid of the alarm clock and find a man who is an early riser, who can, when it is time for me to get up, come into the room, and touch my leg. That's easy.

The other thing that I wish for is someone to greet me at the end of the day. My beloved cat Mister was good for that ... actually it is he who made me accustomed to it. Every day when I would walk into my apartment after a day of work, or play, he would be at the door to greet me. And he didn't fuss. He would look up at me, maybe rub against my leg, and then trot back to whichever comfy place he had come from and go back to sleep. It may be that I would want a chat at first, but I think that I would become easily as satisfied with a kiss, how's your day, and get on with whatever needs getting on.

Maybe I should write that up in an ad ... Wanted: man. alarm clock. greeter. Seems like such a simple request, but it is turning out to be very hard to find.

Oh Taurus. I am bullish. And I've found that there are other things in the universe that can as successfully predict what the year will be like for me. Last year, at 49, it was a Bulls' game. A playoff game. Down to the buzzer, the Bulls won. I put my year on it and won. And they won on 40% shooting no less! My year, my 49th year, was a winner. It wasn't perfect, but it was above 40%.

having a martini on my birthday!
This year, while I was busy making merry for 50, my brother called to tell me that Phil Humber had pitched a perfect game for the White Sox... no hits, no walks, no man on base. He was the 21st MLB pitcher to have done so, and on the 21st day of April. My brother said that he did it for me.

Second year in a row that a team could predict my year, and I think that this one is going to be really satisfying, no specifics, no predictions of romance, success, real estate ... all encompassing.

Hey! I am 50. And the Sox pitcher pitched a perfect game. The 21st to do so in the major leagues, and on the 21st, my birthday. It is going to be a good year.

A perfectly pitched year.

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