Sunday, April 29, 2012

Madonna Party Mix

Rolling Stone April 26, 2012
Cheers, old girl. Who's party rockin' now?!

As I've listened to this record over the last few weeks, I have come to LOVE it! My sister says that I just want to like it ... because it's Madonna. But it isn't that. Her songs just latch on like a slug and make me want to move my body.

As I've been listening to it ... in the car, in the house, at my birthday pj dance party ... I've also been playing a heavy repeat of the video for Girls Gone Wild. I found another video on YouTube that shows choreographers working the dance part of it out, and many different dancers taking their turn at it. I, naturally, have assumed some of the moves in my work. The bit that I like best, is at the chorus as the tempo changes (and note that I am making this up because I don't know what the break or the tempo or any other such music jargon is), in other words, it is at the point of the song where it changes, words are repeated that have been sung before, and the music is different. In the video, the dancers throw their hands up in the air and dance sort of like they are gorillas. Doesn't sound right, does it? Well, play the song, throw your hands up in the air, and move like a gorilla at the part of the song that changes, words are repeated, and the music is different ... and you'll feel ... like Madonna! It's freeing. It moves the WHOLE body. And what is better than that?!

Madonna is after all just a girl. Her *^%$-you to Guy Ritchie is apparent. She wants to 'bang, bang' shoot her lover in the head, and she does it. But not with a gun, no. MDNA does it by getting up to dance and pulling 359,000 others with her.

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