Saturday, January 18, 2014


Rolling Stone 16 January 2014
"Why don't you wear the boots for one fucking shot?" the stylist snaps at last.
"I don't want to," he says simply.
"I do lots of thing I don't want to do!" she cries exasperated.
Bergling shrugs, "But I don't have to.
From the interview by Gavin Edwards.

No, I wouldn't imagine that this 24 year-old has to do anything that he would not want to do when he commands $200,000/night.

I don't know too much of Avicii's music except what is played on the radio. I love "Wake Me Up." For as often as it is cycled, I've never tired of it.

I just spent a couple of weeks with nieces and nephews who love EDM. And I like it too, what they play of it on the radio. But I don't really get what the DJ does. What does Aviicii, or my favorites - Daft Punk, do? They collaborate, I know that. Do they write the songs? How much mixing is done? For the songs that are on the radio, they play similarly to a pop song ... how is it different? Oh, they are naive questions, I'm sure. But I want to know more about the magic of EDM. Now, when I was in the car with my nephew, and he plugged his IPod into the system to play his favorite Daft Punk songs, I got it. Most of what he likes is only the electronic music. His little sister complained, "Hey, play a song with some words!" But he's a tech-head, and I imagine that he understands the language of a purely electronic sound. And I enjoyed it ... for a while, but then I was of the same mind as my niece.

Hey, I'm going to go for the ride. I imagine that I'll be back at one of the EDM festivals when the young ones hit town this summer, and I won't mind. But I will tell you what I really appreciate about this guy, and the others: Daft Punk. They are about their music, and not ... all that comes with it. Avicii wears sneakers. Why would he wear anything else? If you want to take picture of him, take it. But don't expect for him to be what he's not. And Daft Punk? They are disguised. They put their clothes on, and let the work speak for them. You don't have to know who they are ... that's not the point. I think that is what I really get into.

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