Monday, January 20, 2014

Sherlock Holmes

Rolling Stone 30 Jan. 2014
I have to think that the writer who wrote this is ... a guy. And I believe that "Logan Hill" is a man's name, yes?! More than pleasantly surprised, catching me completely off my guard, the BBC's Sherlock Holmes debuted its third season last night on PBS. And Benedict Cumberbatch brings many things to the role of Sherlock, but sexy ... oh, I don't think so.

The BBC version of Sherlock is techy, smart, witty, acerbic, and so on and so on. Cumberbatch plays him precociously arrogant and brilliant. As I watched the first episode last night, I thought to myelf: I'm going to have to watch this again because I don't think that I got it all. Every second is dizzying, especially when it's Sherlock in the center of the scene. One gets a sense of just what it would be like to have his brain. It would exhaust me.

And for this Sherlock, there was a moment when in season two that I thought he might have something sexual going on. The lady fair that he, in the end, saved seemed to steam things up rather. And all of this talk about the homoerotic relationship between he and Watson is, in my opinion, pishposh. I think that the writers exaggerate it as a dare to its viewers. But I think that it would be too easy to only think that the two men are attracted to each other. I don't think that is it. They need each other. They are a band of brothers of two. And like any men in battle, and women as well, form a unique bond that is very close, very intimate. Their lives depend on it.

Poor Cumberbatch, I may have thought him sexy  until I saw Johnny Miller's portrayal of Sherlock in the American version: Elementary. You want to talk about sexy? He's scorching. And I have to watch some of those episodes more than once, not because I've missed something, but because he's so smoldering hot. He, so much more than Cumberbatch, is ready to explode for keeping it all in. And I also like that I don't predict that he and Watson will ever couple up, which is unusual because isn't that what happens on every television show? And like the BBC duo, they are also becoming a band of brothers, and their lives also depend on it. I guess that is something sort of like love actually. More really.

Whatever it is, I'm just glad that I have both to enjoy. I never get enough of a mystery ... especially when the lead actor is British!

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