Saturday, February 1, 2014

Grace Kelly

Tatler December 2013
I was cleaning off my desk this afternoon and found this in the pile. I bought the magazine one afternoon while I was Christmas shopping. I haven't ever really followed Grace Kelly ... and I just scanned the article. Princess Di is more my read. But I do love the satin dress that she's wearing here on the cover. It reminds of the color of the satin robe I wore of my grandmother's that I wrote about months ago.

Satin is so luxurious if it is a good one ... silk. The touch of it is so sensuous. And it creates a light like no other fabric. In the magazine, as seen below, they show different looks of gorgeous satin dresses. They are very nostalgic ... reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour.

I watched an old black and white film not too long ago, and I swooned over the gowns. I thought at the time that the dresses were wisely made of satin because it showed up so beautifully without color in the film. One had the sense of luxury from the shine that shimmers off of it. I think that it looks best in a gown ... the drape of the fabric is also what makes it so sensational. I particularly like the pink on the top right. I think that it is Karen Elson wearing the dress, not that makes any difference. But the shell pink plays beautifully as a contrast of innocence to the sultry of the way the fabric falls across her body. The red, one-shouldered gown is also stunning.

On the left is an advertisement for Chanel's resort line it looks to be. And here you can really see how beautiful the satin shows itself in the dress on the right. It's a gorgeous dress ... I'm not sure about the other model's drawn-on mustache! But in the 'I get to pick one thing off of the page' game that I have played before, I'll take the dress.

All of this has me wondering if I have satin lying around the house that I could slip into to spend an afternoon being luxurious. Too bad that I don't have any champagne on hand. I'll have to do with a good beer, and who cares that I haven't washed my hair today. It will be a party for one. Oh, and the spirits who haunt.

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