Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring is in my mailbox

Vogue January 2014
I've been behind in magazine reads. And this ad in the first couple of pages of January's Vogue shows what it has been like this winter in the Midwest ... everything has been seen behind frost, ice, cold, and snow. My landscape, except when the sky is clear of clouds and a brilliant blue is reflected off of the snow, has been like this. How could Fendi have known?

Vogue January 2014

But Spring is on the horizon. No, the groundhog did tell me this. My mailbox did! Since the mail has not been d been stuffed full of what March brings .... the Spring collections. Oh, glorious pages of warmth and light. Even the Dolce & Gabbana ladies have taken left mourning black behind to welcome Spring. Of course, they were optimistic and showed themselves early.

I know that another winter advisory is on the radar, and we will see the snow that they calculate. But I will not whither under the weight of it. I see another forecast, and it calls for warm breezes and sunny skies. I will take the weight of what March brings to my mailbox and smash through the frost of winter that Fendi so artistically imagines to get to the other side.

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