Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Harper Bazaar's Pattern Play

In the March issue, a lovely editorial, shot by Erik Madigan Heck, studied color, pattern, and florals. I like to look at it, especially after this particularly pale winter of constant snow and frigid temperatures. The flowers remind me of traveling through the South Pacific, or through the heather'd moors of Scotland, or anywhere other than what it's been here for the last couple of months. I can hardly wait, and wonder if it will ever come, the morning that I walk out and meet a warm breeze and run across the first hardy blossoms that push through frozen earth first in Spring.

This one, pictured above, is my favorite of the 'anything worth doing is worth overdoing' classification. I particularly love a red/purple combination.
This one on the below is very Frida Kahlo, of course!

It's spectacular how all of the colors of the dress work perfectly with the colors of the wall behind this queen. Even the shapes that make-up the wall paper look designed by the same maker as the dress. I would love it if the head piece were actual flowers, though it is rather grand even as it is. In Spain, I bought a mantilla. It is a beautiful black silk with embroidered red flowers. I almost wish that it had all the colors here as well. The peacock blue stands out and plays well with the orangy red. I wonder if at the neck it  is a skeleton's head? What do you think ... it's almost a mash of Latin and Asian. If I squint, I see dragons holding up the skeleton whose lips are painted red.

This is the last that I will share. There's something to the lemony and bright about this dress. I don't usually like yellow, but this particular hue is alright by me. I love the opulence of the large flowers that fall over it. The walls are a little dizzying, and it is difficult to decide which compliments the dress best. The navy wall with red/pink flowers match the intensity of the dress, but the whispiness of the lavender blades reminds me of a net ... perfect for trying to catch the butterfly near to the model's head.

Oh, Spring. Come quick. Oh wait, you are here already by this date. I'll have to live in the two dimensions of these pages, I suppose if I'm to have sense of what is to come.

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