Monday, July 14, 2014

Track Pant Fashion

Vogue August 2014
I saw the track suit fashion editorial and remembered well the time when I too felt the need to wear a pair of track pants with a dress out on the town. Of course, I didn't do it for fashion's sake. I did it because I was bloated.

Just this last week, my friend gave me copies of a some photographs that he had from the last few years. A couple of years ago, he had a big blow out for his 50th birthday. His birthday is January 2nd. Yes, the week after Christmas. My tummy was full of turkey and dressing and cookies. Plus, I had the chance to see the Chicago Bears play against the Green Bay Packers when Brett Favre was still playing on a rowdy Chicago New Year's Eve football game! By New Year's Day, I was cashed. I think that he pulled the party to the 1st and the last place that I wanted to go to was another party that would require getting dressed, drinking more, eating more, and being ... festive. I wanted to stay on the coach watching the public television station's BBC murder mystery marathon in my pajamas. Under a blanket. Hair in a pony.

Me on the left ... dress on top/track pants on bottom.
I put on a black wrap dress that was comfortable. Okay. But then I pulled on some opaques and as soon as the panty hit the tummy, I knew that I wouldn't make it for an hour at the party. And then I saw the black track pants with white stripes. What could it hurt. I pulled those bad boys on and they felt fine. When I got to the party, someone that I hadn't seen for years said to me, 'oh, you're so dressed up!' Why thank you. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture from the waist down. It would confirm that I knew what Vogue was thinking about, oh, 7 or 8 years later.

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