Friday, May 8, 2015

Tattoo You, Valentino

Vogue May 2015
This freaked me out when I first saw it, but having gotten used to it, I think that it is really cool. And I love the boots.

I'm watching NBA basketball right now, so I'm seeing lots of ink. I'm not always sure that I like ALL of the ink on the big, muscly men, but tattoos are so much a part of professional sports that a dude without it is weird. While watching the Bulls-Cavaliers Game 1, I noticed that one of the players didn't have any visable tattoos. He was a European player with a long name that ran off of his jersey. Maybe that accounts for it? Perhaps, I'll keep score of the ink for Game 3.

In this photograph, I'm captivated by the vein that runs down the length of his arm. The one going into the boot on the right arm looks like it could burst and fill the boot with blood. Gruesome, right? But it's what I see every time I look at it. I have no idea what is going on with the left arm. No color. No hair. Shiny. Yeah, it's creepy. And yet ... beauty and the beast.

The boots for their stripes are what I would identify as masculine. Strong colors. Wide, distinctive stripes. What I would like to see are the same arms in a  more feminine boot. That contrast would be even more interesting. And a woman's arm with a tattoo sleeve should be the leg for the men's boot. Maybe, mirror them. Hm. I think that I would like to style it.

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