Monday, June 29, 2015

Jergen Teller for Louis Vuitton

Source: I don't recall ...
This is a Jergen Teller photograph that is being sold at Louis Vuitton stores from what the fine print reads. The location of the window is not revealed. I imagine that it is somewhere in Paris ... because that is what I want to believe of this lovely wood frame looking through wrought ironwork to trees to be located.

At first glance, I had eyes only for the window and the soft sun filtering through the trees, but I see modernism encroaching at the edges. You'll see in the bottom, right corner of the photograph a sculpture is set on what looks to be a steel base. It becomes distracting as I study the picture. As is the calla lily in the black, what appears to be, glass vase. Oh, and the rug ... it looks to be black with a white geometric pattern on it. The absence of these three images would, for me, make this picture perfect. As I examine it, I don't like it quite as much for the noise that the modern creates in what to be should be tranquil and quiet.

I suppose that some things should not be so closely examined. Perhaps, I should have just turned the page and to be left with a flash of what I thought that the photograph was meant to portray.

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