Friday, July 24, 2015

Traveling: In a Van from Prague to Vienna for a 5 Hour Tour

Everyone decided that we needed to spend more time in Prague. We wound round the city along the cobbled streets. We were all still high from the performance of Don Giovanni the night before at a local opera house. We sat in the second row for an intimate performance of the players and orchestra. In the old square, we saw our old friends, the medieval bohemian band, and we found a new one to follow: Circus Problem. They were parrt oompa band, marching  band, and very punk. We bought their CD. Reluctantly, we left as we had a drive to get back to Vienna for our flight. The traffic was horrendous. Accidents on the expressway tied up the roads for miles. We switched direction and cut through  Slavakia, which was smoother, but turned what was to be a quick 3 hours into 5. Tired from all of the galavamting and then car travel, the back of the Ford mini-bus got a little rowdy. At one point, I played the teacher and used my teacher voice and took the water away.  But the games continued and our merry group  found its way to thecheap hotel   at the airport for our return bome. 

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