Sunday, July 19, 2015

Traveling: Cow Speed on the Luge

I wasn't so sure about the luge run at what looked to be an Alpine play park in Fussen, but I gave it a try nonetheless. I was happy to know that my joystick was in fact a break. As I putzed up the hill, I captured this photo of the cows lounging in the field next to the luge. Once I got to the top and had a small panic attack as I considered the course and the height of the turns, I immediately pulled back on the brake. I lost my friends ahead of me, but  I rather enjoyed what I felt was a swift ride down. Apparently, I moved like the cows and kept not one, but several boys from shooting down the steel chutes like bullets. Next time I go, whenever that is, I am going to go full throttle. I can always crash and land on a cow. They look friendly enough.

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