Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jeff Tweedy

Rolling Stone Magazine August 27, 2015
While I was in Europe this summer, the Czech Republic to be precise, we were staying in an apartment on the top floor of one the buildings that circle the old square in Prague. It was an exceptionally hot summer there this year, not unlike the time that I visited this magical city 20 years before. Because we were at the top, the apartment was stifling hot. The owners had set up a portable air conditioning unit and said to run it to keep some of the heat out. The lofted space seemed to attract every ray of the long summer day as the unit didn't put a dent in its intensity.

But the apartment did have WIFI. And when sleep evaded me, I scrolled through my IPhone, which worked anywhere there was WIFI, and found a present in my inbox: Wilco's new album. I love me a Wilco album. I have been traveling with a notebook computer as well. And though it can be a frustrating machine with a small keyboard, I was able to download my free copy of 'Stars Wars.' And in that heat, in the garrett above the square, we listened to the whole album.  And I have been listening to it every since. It is one of my favorites.

But what was so sweet about it is the fact that it was free. And didn't I predict that once U2 gifted their latest album to all ITunes users, someone would follow suit. And that the bugs in the system of free distribution would be ironed out, and everyone would be happy with the gift. That's a lot of 'ands.' I didn't hear anyone complain about getting a free Wilco album. I think that U2 took all of the punches for that one. And, here I go again with the ands, is okay. Someone has to go first. Leap into the unknown. And experience what a fickle and critical audience can become when they get something that they don't want even when it is free.

I them both. And both have made me immeasurably happy.

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