Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Alexander McQueen

Vogue September 2016

Last week, I attended a metaphor workshop at Poetry magazine library. One of the poems presented in the workshop ended with only the chimney remaining after the end of a passionate relationship. The house of it burned to the ground. When I saw this advertisement in the September issue of  Vogue, I immediately thought of the poem. It illustrates the exact sense of loss that the poet was trying to convey, including the isolated figure left behind in the fall-out. Although the poet was a man, the lonely, female figure standing next to chimney in this photograph works. 

But what is she wearing? McQueen, of course. It is a long gown from the look of it. And in black and white it is hard to sense the color; however, it looks dark. Shall I go as far as charred? It survived the flame, but it is scarred. I would like for it also to be deconstructed ... unfinished seams, hems, and an exposed zipper. It is the dress that one would wear when one is left behind in the ruin.

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