Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Expectations

Vogue March 2012

Look at the person on the left. He is the actor who played Mr. Thatcher as a young man in The Iron Lady! He was wonderful in the movie as much as he was in it. Of course what caught my eye ... is how cute he was! One flashback scene to a seaside vacation he and Margaret took with their young children had me swooning over him. He had on some zippy ocean blue straight legged pants rolled at the hem and Oxfords, no socks, on his feet! I thought to myself, I want to wear that!

And here he is in the BBC version of Great Expectations that I am longing to see. And he is a great, great, great how ever many times grandson of Charles Dickens himself. Oh, he really is quite dreamy. And what did I tell you, if there is a you out there, about young Pip .... hmmmmmmm. I can't wait!

So back to the outfit ... I found in InStyle last month a great pair of Oxfords that I thought would capture the life of what I imagined the shoes and the pants in the movie to have! They were an aqua blue suede Bass shoe, and do you know that those darn things aren't on the web site! This is the second time that In Style has sent me on a wild goose chase for something that appeared in the magazine, was said to be found online, and drat! not there. I can find the blue pants alright ... but those shoes?! Oh where or where can I find them?

To have the shoes, is to have a little of him. Rather silly,eh?

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