Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sea Fashion

Elle March 2012

March is the perfect season for mermaids as it is the month of St. Patrick and the Irish hold faithfully to their tales of the sea, and apparently the world of fashion is in agreement. This lovely Versace is coral-esque. Secret coves are built in to shelter the tiniest sea creature or wee fish from danger. If the Chanel dress a few posts back was the froth of the waves, this is certainly the depth of the seas that is protected from the waves by the deep it is in.

I'm convinced that designers have secret meetings to discuss an overarching theme for a season's collection. How else is that everyone has gone, not nautical with the requisite navy blue and stripes; rather, more mythical with its froth and coral. I imagine Poseidon to appear with his trident rising from the depths of the ocean to protect the lovelies that are dressed in their sea-silk grasses.

I approve of this trend. I would love to wear a dress of the sea and carry an oyster-bag. I listen to the shell I have in my home and hear the sounds that would surround me as I let the pulse of the tide ride over me and out into the depths of what I cannot fathom.

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