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Rolling Stone March 1, 2012

I love Madonna. Do I love her now? Maybe not as much. She is painful to watch sometimes as she navigates being 50 and being relevant. I would admire her more if she were .... well, still Madonna. Instead, she's become a hologram of her former self. The accent. The strange theatrical diction when speaking. Her freakishly perfectly sculpted physique.

What's a bummer is that she probably wouldn't like me very much. I don't have 10% of the discipline that woman must have. I'm fluffy, heavily and  locally accented, and stylishly imperfect.

But that's what she was ... back then. I don't mourn for her, but I would find her more interesting if she were more authentically Madonna, and not some cartoonish version of herself.

Still, I pay attention. And will buy her new CD that will be released this month ... even though the first single is a bit .... teenagery for her to be singing. Granted, I was in the grocery store singing it last weekend. Damn that catchy 'l-u-v Madonna ...'

In Style March 2012
And in paying attention ... oh, the joy it it brings. The  bit I liked best of the Super Bowl performance was when she jumped up on the shoulders of Redfoo of LMFAO. That is when she actually looked like she was having fun. Then I read this interview with Redfoo in Rolling Stone and I laughed out loud when he reported that she told him that he would have an easier time of lifting her up if he worked out more ... maybe some jump roping would be good! She's a good one for advice. I remember when she made the 4 minutes video, Justin Timberlake was feeling peckish, and Madonna told him to drop trou', and she stuck him in the ass with a hypodermic needle full of B12. Mama!

Speaking of cone bras and how Madonna has impressed the consciousnesses of the masses ..... I never looked for or bought a cone bra, but I did do the boxer shorts as outwear look from Desperately Seeking Susan during college. And then when Papa Don't Preach hit, I was totally into the idea that when I got cash, I would buy beautiful crucifixes to wear. What I think that I have always loved about Madonna wasn't always what she was wearing or what she was singing, but how she always transformed and moved toward different directions. And I appreciate that about her. She's flitting through, trying on all of her fancies. I only wish that she would settle into the idea that as she moves though, she does pick up years, and that should be reflective in her sense of being. Fighting it as she appears to do, makes her look tired. And I don't want that for her. I want her wide awake and having fun jumping up on Redfoo's shoulders in front of an audience of millions.

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