Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day 2012

I was watching Modern Family, and Phil Dunphy said exactly what I think, that Leap Day is a bonus day! And it should be celebrated. I like having parties! Or making something special of the day. After seeing the movie Leap Year last year, I looked up the tradition of asking a man to marry to me to see if it was really so. I will take any lead to make a plan for something. And what I found, is that sure enough it has been a tradition since the Middle Ages that on Leap Day, women have the opportunity to ask a man out, or ask him to marry her. Bam! Who the heck am I going to ask out? That is all I need.

I thought about it, and I did have someone in mind. I did some research. I thought that a nice dinner would be appropriate. I pick the place. I pick him up. I pay the bill. Lovely company, a good cocktail, a nice dinner ... what better way to spend an extra day of the year?!

Well, it didn't happen. Guys are weird. I didn't ask. I knew what the answer would be.  I've heard no from this particular fella for longer than I would like to own up too. His loss, right?

March 1st Roar

Instead I found myself wandering around the neighborhood. The weather went from good to blustery in 5. I turned west, and had a hard time pushing against the wind. Now, I'm hardy girl, but it was windy, and I had to fight it several blocks to get back home. I was glad to turn the corner and move south. A little sad, but I was able to move my thoughts from the failed Leap Year opportunity that I won't get for another 4 years, to the idea that March, tomorrow, is coming in like a lion. No lamb in this town. I don't remember if the Groundhog saw its' shadow or not, but there may be some snow tonight in what has been a relatively mild winter. Winter may come roaring back.

Maybe I should plan something special for 'in like the lion....' It's an idea!

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