Thursday, October 18, 2012

the Brad Pitt debacle

When I heard that Brad Pitt was going to be the new face of Chanel No. 5, I nearly ... well, I wouldn't ever do anything as drastic as stop buying the stuff that is my signature scent ... more or less, but not even address their faux pas. But I'm breaking my own rule, what better rule to break, because I just can't tolerate this nonsense.

Come on ... who in the heck thinks that this man is sexy??? Look at him is the frame. He's scraggly, and icky, and he dumped Jennifer Aniston for who? Skank face. Yes, I am being totally ridiculous, but there are so many handsome men in this world that would much suit this purpose. David Beckham, anyone? Ewan McGregor might be interesting. I think that the Spanish actor that appeared with Nicole Kidman when she represented the 5 was awfully darn good looking. But Brad Pitt?

He probably smells like he looks ... and not of perfume. Not someone that you want selling the top selling perfume in the world.

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