Sunday, October 28, 2012

saint laurent

Vogue October 2012
Vogue October 2012

Something is going on at YSL. I could look it up, but I'd rather just imagine. The ads are the first that I've seen in the magazines. The accompanying page ... all white, and only 'Saint Laurent/ Paris,' suggests to me that they are moving in a different direction.
Whatever it is, the photographs are striking, and certainly stood out in all of the pages of color. More than the single shot, I am drawn to the couple ... for me, it is Biblical ... Mary gazing down at her son. The particular painting that I found to illustrate the connection is the Pieta of Annibale Carracci by Gaulli at right.

The scene is tender, intimate ... and sad. In the photograph she looks down at her lover in a movement that seems to mean that she is moving away from him. And of course, in the pieta, it is the son, Mary's love, that is moving away from her. She holds out her hand to send him off ... towel in hand, she wipes his brow knowing that his journey is one beyond death. Purposed.

Though similar, the woman in the photograph, not Mary, will leave. He will lie. Separate. Not joined throughout eternity.

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