Monday, November 19, 2012

bruno mars

If I have a bad day, I can always turn to Bruno and this performance at this year's Grammy Awards. The energy that guy sends off is amazing! When he goes down in to the splits, I squeal every time.

Now, with his new song out, "Locked Out of Heaven," I am the president of his fan club. The album isn't out yet, but I downloaded the single, have it in my car, and it's become my morning anthem to pump me up before I go to work. He's just so ... darn cute! A friend told me that he was on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, and I checked it out on YouTube. He was a riot. From the opening monologue to the Pandora skit, he was sharp. Of course in his monologue he said that he was nervous about hosting as well as Justin Timberlake ... yeah, he didn't need to be as he was just as funny, and maybe even more beguiling.

I think that what I love about him is that he is a performer. He isn't stuck in a type or only out for quick hits ... he's the real thing, baby. I don't know if I want to pinch his cheeks or ... who knows what, but I am one happy person when I listen to him.

The Grammy performance reminds me of a band that I used to love in college: David and the Happenings. The group was made up of a stand-up bass player, a drummer, and a singer. I think that was everyone ... David was a tall skinny white guy, and he wore a choir gown to perform, mostly, James Brown songs. They were intense, and fast, and a true 'punk' band in my estimation. I would go every night that they played at the Club ... the diviest bar in my college town. And I would dance ... and dance ... and smile.

That's what Bruno makes me want to do too!

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