Monday, November 5, 2012

new girl

Rolling Stone October 2012

One of my favorite newer shows is New Girl. And Schmidt ... cracks me up. Is a D-Bag? I'm not so sure about that. He is unfiltered, and he says just about what I would imagine any man would like to say outloud in many of the situations that he finds himself in. But I think that all of that bravado is a cover up for what is the pain in Schmidt. Come on, he used to be the FAT guy, and that doesn't just unstick, no matter what the conquests or restylings or whatever may be.

Probably what I like best about the show as a whole is the fact it is essentially about 3 guys who dig each other. I don't think that we've seen that much on television. Usually guys are portrayed as competitors or mortal enemies, but these guys have a genuine affection for each other. Jess may as well be living with girls, or gay guys. They are indicative of what I'm seeing as a 'new' sort of man ... one who is not insecure about his 'feelings' and is concerned with his 'look', etc.

Well, that's not exactly what Schmidt is, but it's close enough.

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