Monday, November 12, 2012

The Best Music Video Ever (and in a language that I understand!)

A friend sent this to me and wondered if I might understand it?! I have been known to speak in Leprechaun, which isn't much different than gibberish, except of course without the brogue. And I totally get this video ... it has stuck in my head all day since I first viewed it.

Obviously, as he is an opera singer, he has access to other singers, dancers, props, a sense of performance. I love, love, love the dancers! And the pastels of the girls in class! And the leads!

The song is so catchy that you don't need to know the words. Come to think of it, how many songs do I not know all of the words to and still sing along to them? Many. I guess that it is the point, and this guy does it to perfection.

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