Wednesday, January 9, 2013

don johnson?

Rolling Stone January 17, 2013
Boy, he's lookin' good.

I never watched Miami Vice or Nash Bridges. Or anything that he's acted in, but I know of him of course. And now he's in the new Tarantino's new movie, but I probably won't see that either. Not my kind of thing.

The article was a wash too ... drugs, babes, excess. Same ole, same ole.

But one thing that I did appreciate is when he told the writer, "See, I always figured it's be like what John Huston says in Chinatown: 'Old buildings and whores get respectable if they hang around long enough.' And that's what I was doing, hanging around, like an old building or a whore."

Yeah, I'm thinking that Don's the whore. I don't whether he's respectable or not, but he's easin' in to himself pretty darn good. ooofff.

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