Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year 2013

UK Vogue December 2012
Happy New Year! It's been a while since I've last posted ... been a bit busy with the holidays and writing poetry. But back in the saddle again.

I saw this great end of year music list in UK Vogue and rather prefer it to the standard 'top 100' of the year that I would listen to, especially as a teen. Naturally, a lot of the list is Brit-centric ... #2 is the National Anthem as it was the Jubilee year for Queen Elizabeth and the Olympics were hosted there. Funny, I was in England during the Olympics and every time that their anthem played, I had to remind myself that they weren't playing America the Beautiful. oops.

 I find it interesting that the Clash came in at #13 ... London Calling. I didn't hear it once played on any BBC radio as I knocked around in my car hire. Perhaps they didn't want an un-punk band to land in the number 13 spot ... unlucky as it may be. But I love the Clash, so cheers! And #20 reminded me that I needed to download a little Spice Girls for my ITunes library. They made the line-up for having performed in the closing ceremonies, and Jennifer Saunders of Absolutely Fabulous-fabulousness has written a musical, Viva Forever!, using the power of the spice and their flirty, empowering girl-power themed pop anthems. I also appreciate that Pussy Riot made the list at #24 ... for Putin Lights Up The Fires. I think that we all need to write an anti-Putin song ... who is that guy?! I just watched Doctor Zhivago last night and wondered how Russia has changed at all in all of these years. Putin was all over it.

I wonder what I would put on my list of 30 for 2012? I would have to have a hard think on that. Short list, I would include anything from Jack White's Blunderbuss. That album was a constant in my ear for probably four months. Then I moved on to the Broadway cast album of Once. That didn't play as long ... but it got a work out. I've since moved on to Bruno Mars' new record ... I LOVE Locked Out of Heaven. And I like Muse's one song that I can't ever seem to name. It's been a quiet year for me musically. Oh, it's always a constant, but other than the above, I can't put my finger on what else stood out or that I played way too much!

Here's hoping that 2013 sees a lot more of repeat 'cause this is so damn good.

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