Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gwen Stefani

Vogue January 2013
If I could be any rock star, I think that I would be Gwen Stefani. Of course, she is the only working woman rock star in an arena way we've got now, right?!

I bought the new No Doubt CD, their first in over a decade. I didn't pay it much attention, but I wasn't really ever a huge fan. I did like Gwen's first solo record, though she says that it wasn't really her. In the Vogue article she said, "I feel like we've (No Doubt) always been in our own little lane ... Never fitting in. Never a nineties grunge band, never a pop girl band. And it's the same now. I did the solo thing, but I felt like I was trying to play a character in a way, this Alice in Wonderland pretend version of myself. But this, being in No Doubt, is really who I am."

I guess that I sort of liked her as Alice in Wonderland. She does seem to live a fairy tale life. Hot rock star husband, together for 16 years. Two cute boys. A fashion empire. A band. And she always looks great ... original, fresh, and approachable.

She is, I imagine, the quintessential California girl.

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