Saturday, March 16, 2013


In Style March 2013
Miller as Sherlock on the show Elementary ... organizing his locks.
My nephew turned me on the show Elementary. I had seen advertisements for it, but wasn't much interested in it as I had my BBC Sherlock and he satisfied all of my need  of the sleuth. But after watching one episode, I was hooked. Jonny Lee Miller is perfect as a transplanted Sherlock in NYC. I hadn't remembered ever seeing him in anything else, and when I ran across the editorial in InStyle, I was surprised by his back story. Married to Angelina Jolie? Starred in Trainspotting? Who knew.

In the show, he plays a wonderfully articulate, quirky, and quietly intense Sherlock, who has many secrets and a damage that is portrayed poignantly. He's sort of a loner as all Sherlocks are, but his seems rather more of tortured outcast. It doesn't seem as it is only his pathological nature that haunts him. And that's what Watson is trying to figure out in each episode. Lucy Lui is okay as his sidekick. I don't really pay attention to her ... it's Johnny who captivates all of my attention.

What is it about Sherlock?

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