Saturday, March 16, 2013

spring's best

I don't like to just load pages with advertisements, but these are exceptional. The March reads were disappointing, but the Saks ads were dazzling. I have chosen four of my favorites to blow up here for you to peruse. Even the look here on the right isn't what I would ordinarily be drawn too, and Mark Jacobs did the voluminous hips just months ago fabulously, but it is photographed beautifully, and so I forgive the copy.

My favorite is the Carolina Herrera. The dress looks so easy. And I love the print that runs down the dress ... the green is almost trellis- like as it holds the beauty of the silk flowers. But the photograph ... the couch, the mirror. It is so lush without being or seeming fussy. I can imagine myself lying just so, enjoying the beautiful dress that is making me feel fabulous and so comfortable at the same time.

Enjoy the beauty of it.

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